Are You Living Life on Autopilot? Embrace Intentional Living and Transform Your Life

Do you ever feel stretched thin and overwhelmed by the busyness of your routine, despite being proud of the life you've built?

If so, defining your Decade Dream and making small, intentional shifts in your daily life can help bring ease and flow to your days, and turn setbacks into opportunities for growth.

By embarking on a continuous journey of intentionality, you can elevate the quality of your relationships and the spaces you share with others, helping you to live your best life.

About Ann

Speaker, Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur & Guide to Intentional Living

After watching life seemingly pass her by, Ann woke up and realized she wasn’t living intentionally. She wanted nothing more than for her family to be strong, aligned, and happy, but realized she wasn’t doing anything to make that happen. With no formal guide on how to get herself and her family to live intentionally, she turned to what she knew best: how to run a great business.

Through a journey of self-discovery, trial, and error, Ann developed a tactical system that changed the way her family lived daily. By applying important foundational business practices to her family structure, the Sheu family was able to align on a shared vision and values to start their journey toward intentionality as a high-powered, high-performing family unit.

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"Our efficiency with our time and resources improved. Ann's facilitation style inspired communication breakthroughs and more accountability. I trust Ann with my business and my people."

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2000 Free Days
3 Mindset Shifts to Live a Radically Intentional Life

Gain clarity on who you are, what is important to you, and what you want out of life, to identify and establish the simple mindset shifts that will lead to you living the radically intentional life you desire.

Creator Mindset
Authenticity Mindset
Learner’s Mindset

Decade Dream

Take charge of your life instead of letting life happen to you by establishing your Decade Dream. Your Decade Dream is a linchpin goal that serves as a catalyst for growth and change. 

Your Decade Dream should inspire you to change how you actually live your life. By defining your Decade Dream, filtering every decision through its lens, and regularly assessing your progress toward it, you will experience a new level of intentionality in your daily life.

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Mpowered Families

Helping Build Engaged and High-Performing Families

Ann is the founder of Mpowered Families, whose vision is to help you have a family life filled with purpose, alignment, and connection.

Mpowered Families helps high-performing couples create a shared vision, improve communication, and take action to be intentional about the life they want to lead together.

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